Cloud Contact Centers and the Goal of Going Green

While technology grows and information flourishes, it becomes increasingly important to keep a steady eye on the periphery of the enterprise. How is the global community reacting to your presence in the market, how is the market evolving around the enterprise and, perhaps most importantly, how is the physical world reacting to the online cloud?

In 2011, Greenpeace estimated that cloud computer sites could consume as much as 622.6 billion kilowatts per hour of power. Additionally, Jonathan Koomey, a professor at Stanford University, estimated that the cloud already uses 1 to 2 percent of the world’s entire electricity. Because of this, many data centers are taking steps to convert their cooling systems (a large part of energy consumption in a data center) to greener solutions, like venting cold ambient air off bodies of water that they are built next to.

As big an energy suck as they can be, though, industry analyst Juliana Payson estimates that cloud data centers can help save companies 35 percent of their energy and electricity expenses. This can total up to an estimated $18 million over the life of the data center.

In addition to being a boost to costs, this is a benefit to the world community and the company image. Going green isn’t just about saving money; it’s about preserving resources and giving back while shrinking one’s carbon footprint. By embracing green technology and aligning with data centers that are striving to improve greenness (or doing so in an enterprise’s own data center) a social responsibility is displayed, and that’s something that consumers are looking for more and more each day.

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