Cloud Services are the Future of Customer Experience

For some time now, multiple sources have claimed that the demand for cloud services is on a steady rise, with Market Monitor projecting that the market would reach nearly $20 billion by the close of 2016. Now, according to the most recent Salesforce 2016 State of IT Report, cloud services are not only in high demand but have been declared a top priority for IT teams worldwide. Indeed, the report states that global IT leaders across all performance levels count cloud migration as their number one priority.Why the great demand for cloud services? Many businesses cite the cost efficiency of cloud solutions and its potential for streamlined operations as major benefits. Typically, cloud solutions are quick to implement and simple to use, providing companies with data and processing capabilities on an on-demand basis for greater flexibility and scalability. Hosted solutions have made cloud services less expensive and easier to upgrade, allowing companies to integrate platforms and reduce costs by paying based on a consumption model and often having access to a free trial before making a long-term commitment to such a model. Furthermore, many companies embrace a hybrid cloud solution for the peace of mind of securing sensitive data in a private cloud while storing less sensitive data in a public cloud at a reduced cost.The ease of setup ultimately paves the way for streamlined operations that can maximize the efficiency of a contact center employing a cloud solution. Cloud solutions often provide such advanced features as a multichannel automatic call distributor (ACD) interactive voice response (IVR), and callback system to eliminate customers hold time, enabling faster and more efficient routing of all inbound contacts across all channels. Companies are further able to hire skilled call agents in remote locations when necessary who may deliver excellent customer service from most anywhere and from either a desktop or mobile connection. This ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency for contact centers that wish to emphasize real-time customer service, and agents will be able to spend their time on more useful tasks rather than focusing on purely operational ones. As time is saved and issues are resolved with greater efficiency and confidence, agent and customer satisfaction alike are sure to grow. Cloud contact center solutions therefore propel enhanced customer experiences that are so critical to long-term brand loyalty.Cloud services are instrumental in enabling contact centers to function with greater agent productivity, cost efficiency, and superior service. As a rising trend and proven critical factor in customer service success, cloud services are set to play a pivotal role in the future of customer experience. Learn about Vocalcom cloud contact center solutions for the future of great customer experience.

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