Companies Paying the Price for Ignoring ‘Do Not Call’ Lists

Every telemarketing firm should be closely monitoring and reflecting its “Do Not Call” list while conducting business; however, if you’re not using the right telemarketing software, one or two callers can easily slip through the cracks. Because of this, a pair of companies recently found themselves having to pay steep fines – steep as in a combined amount of nearly one million dollars – as a result of allegedly violating telemarketing laws in Kansas.

One Springfield, Mo.-based company was charged $952,000 in penalties and fees for calling customers on the national “Do Not Call” list; meanwhile, another San Diego-based corporation was ordered to pay $10,000 in penalties and fees.

Don’t Be Next in Line for Fines

Ignoring “Do Not Call” lists is a symptom of a greater problem in many organizations: a lack of respect for the customer’s wishes. It’s important that all of your agents keep up with your best practices and endeavors to prevent themselves from getting on the bad side of a caller.

Civility is Key

It’s always important to “feel the room” as the saying goes. Oftentimes, you can tell by the tone of customers as to what type of mood they’re in. This can help you move through your call or other multi-channel interaction in the most efficient and polite way possible.

No Pressure

Agents should always be putting their best face forward to properly represent your brand and offerings; however, if it becomes clear that the customer isn’t interested, it’s important to respect that decision. At the end of the day, there are more fish in the sea, and a great interaction when a potential customer is not interested today could lead to a sale tomorrow.

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