Congratulations, You’re (Mobility) Engaged!

Mobile is the greatest engagement tool to come along since the invention of the Internet. Why? Because it allows you to go everywhere your customers go and interact with them at any time and in any place deemed appropriate by both parties. For instance, you can tweet or text a discount code to a customer you’ve been speaking with who is in or near one of your stores.  Or, you can write a thank you message on the Facebook page of a customer who posts a photo showing him holding your drink product. Or, perhaps you can share content while you’re video chatting or talking on the phone.


There are an endless number of ways you can creatively engage your customers via their mobile devices, including voice, e-mail, text, online chat, video and a downloadable app. As more of your customers reach out to you via their cell phones, having a hosted call center becomes the preferred management solution for tying it all together.


With a hosted call center, your agents can engage customers through the channel of their choice, while at the same time, maintaining a comprehensive view of all transaction history through one single, user-friendly interface. This means never having to toggle between different programs. A single user interface reduces customer wait times while providing your company with economies of scale. 


As mobile becomes a larger part of your mix, consider creating a mobile center of excellence within your call center to brainstorm ideas and ensure that you are maximizing your mobile customer engagement capabilities. You can easily adapt to any new mobile trend using a hosted solution – all without having to purchase or install hardware. And, every time your customers upgrade their cell phones, you’ll be prepared to provide them with the fastest responses and most effective resolutions to their questions or problems. 


Mobile is rapidly becoming the preferred customer engagement device today. A hosted call center solution can ensure that you’re prepared not only for today’s customer trends, but tomorrow’s as well. 

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