Connecting Customers Worldwide with a Multi-channel Vision

Earlier this year, German men’s retailer Hugo Boss held a 20th anniversary event in London and, in doing so, opened the digital doors wide to invite the rest of the world. Called Red Never Follows, the luxury retailer turned a single-location event—which featured work by 20 different artists and brought in 60,000 people—into a global event attracting 10 times the attention by using multi-channel applications, including Web and social media.

Like Hugo Boss, you too can connect with customers anytime, anywhere—with the latest multichannel call center solutions. Here are five ideas for helping you turn up the volume on customer engagement:

Host a webinar and have your agents standing by afterward for placing orders or answering questions in real time.

Host a live event and place kiosks throughout with content that includes interactive maps, prerecorded videos, account access, e-commerce and live chat and video. 

Plan a scavenger hunt, and then on your website, upload daily videos with your call center agents giving clues. Afterward, hold a staff meeting using live video to announce the results.

Staff your store with iPad- or smartphone-clad associates who, whenever a customer has a particularly tough or unanswerable question, can directly connect to customer service while on the sales floor. If the clerk swipes the customer’s loyalty card, the information will automatically populate for the receiving agent.

Predict when a customer is running out of a regularly purchased item, and then send an e-mail that provides the option of both a shopping link as well as a customer service link.

From online chat to e-mailing, live video, phone calls, kiosks, smartphone applications and even in-store help, a wide array of powerful call center solutions can empower your agents with the robust multi-channel options needed to provide a personal, engaging customer experience and grow your business.

Your customers expect the same multi-channel opportunities in business transactions as they have in their personal life. With today’s call center solutions, you can give them all that they want and need. 

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