Contact Center Agents: The Key to Great Customer Experiences

The most successful companies treat their customers as both rational and emotional beings. Customers want seamless brand experiences, expect rapid service, and look for the best deals possible. At the same time, they are swayed by products that appeal to their tastes and values, and their interactions with brands can fail or succeed depending on how their feelings are treated. It’s essential that brands view their contact center agents in the same light, as these employees can only provide great service with a human touch if their emotions are valued and they are motivated to be their best. Here are five ways to empower your contact center agents.

Create a supportive work environment.

Agents need to feel that they are working in a supportive environment. Contact center managers should mentor them, encouraging their best practices and assisting them when they have concerns. Peers may also be paired together to encourage ongoing learning and moral support. Lastly, agents may appreciate offsite employee retreats where they can listen to motivational speakers and share their feedback with each other.

Give them flexible work options.

Every person is productive at a different time, and this fact is especially noteworthy in the contact center. By giving agents flexible working hours, you can empower them to do their best work when they are most focused. For example, some agents may prefer morning shifts, others late at night, and still others may wish to work remotely. Accommodating their work preferences also enables your brand to offer more continuous—if not 24/7—customer service.

Invite them to share their experiences.

Just as customers wish to be heard, so do your agents. While they should always be encouraged to keep an ongoing dialogue with their mentors, agents should also be invited to share their thoughts during meetings and training sessions. For example, agents may reflect on their interactions with customers, express their opinions on improving call scripts, and offer suggestions on how to work better as a team for more seamless customer experiences. Their insights are extremely valuable to your brand, as they are the ones who interact most with your customers.

Establish clear, attainable goals.

Giving your agents clear goals is vital to helping them do their best. If your contact center values certain KPIs over others, for example, this should be communicated. An agent should know that it is more important for him to achieve first contact resolution than reduce average handling time. When they reach these goals, their efforts should also be rewarded. This creates an atmosphere where people are motivated to achieve common goals and feel appreciated when they succeed.

Offer them a place to relax.

Since contact centers are often hectic, be sure to give your agents a designated space to unwind. Create rest lounges where agents can relax and mingle with others during breaks. These spaces are also excellent for impromptu meetings and fun team events. Ergonomic furniture, warm lighting, and a generally colorful environment are also ways to create a sense of calm and joy in your contact center.Contact center agents are the true heart of your customer service. When their thoughts and feelings are valued, they will show greater motivation to do the kind of work that delights your customers. To deliver the very best customer experiences, learn about Vocalcom, a global leader in AI-powered contact center software solutions and premium omnichannel customer interaction platform.

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