Contact Center Research Overwhelmingly Points to the Need for Outperformers

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that agent performance within the contact center should be top of mind. Now, results from a recent Knowlagent survey confirm what contact center managers have been screaming for years: “We want outperformers!”

In fact, an overwhelming 96 percent of contact center executives said that improving the performance of their agents was either “very important” or “important.” When asked more specifically what they’d like to achieve by improving agent performance, top goals mentioned by execs included:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction (81 percent)
  • Increasing first call resolution (72 percent)
  • Improving agent satisfaction (65 percent)
  • To make better use of agents’ idle time (37 percent)
  • Reducing agent turnover (30 percent)
  • Improving customer effort scores (27 percent)
  • Increasing time agents spend on training (26 percent)

Furthermore, when measuring agent performance, contact center executives were asked which key metrics they rely on. The top two include:

1.)    Average time handling a call (78 percent)

2.)    Quality assurance scores (69 percent)

Interestingly enough, the very last metric drawn on is the amount of time spent on agent training with only 9 percent. It seems like an obstacle has been unearthed here; contact center execs say that agent performance is a top priority in their operations, and yet only 9 percent of them consider agent training an important metric. This is where a hosted call center comes into play.

It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that every second counts, especially in the contact center. With a hosted call center, facility management and monitoring is overseen by a third-party vendor. This lends more time to execs to spend on agent training to establish better outperformers to achieve the plethora of noted goals above. Time spent on in-house equipment is unnecessary time when you can be leveraging the power of a hosted call center – it’s as simple as that.

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