Could Cloud Contact Centers Mean Lower Customer Churn?

Customer churn is the bane of any business or organization, so taking any effort to reduce this is something that simply cannot be ignored. This is especially important for contact centers, as the business hinges on customer satisfaction.


With numbers saying that it is six to seven times more expensive to develop new clients than to simply keep old ones, extending efforts to improve customer relation has obvious monetary benefits. In addition to financial advantages, though, is that a happier customer makes it easier to gain new clients, as word of mouth and customer recommendations help drive business to the finish line faster. To this end, research from the Aberdeen Group shows that those who utilize cloud contact centers rather than in-house solutions see up to 27 percent lower annual costs – most of which is attributed to customer retention.


By migrating to a cloud-based contact center, many new options open up, all which make it easier on both the client and the contact center. The largest benefit afforded by cloud-based solutions is adaptability of services, which is of course required when serving a large group of clients with varied interests and concerns.


Cloud-based services offer the chance to purposefully route calls and customers to ensure a truly meaningful interaction, as opposed to blindly taking calls and bouncing them around the office (we’ve all unfortunately been there). Empowered by the cloud, your most valuable customers can be sent to senior agents, and customers with certain services can be sent to where they will receive the help they most likely need.


Not only this, but expanding operations becomes unbelievably easier with the cloud, as agents have a greater flexibility to work from home, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated space and a limited amount of agents. And, the cloud enables easier and quicker provisioning, deployment and upgrades across all systems, no matter how geographically disparate your workforce is. And, even better, this larger and more cost-efficient workforce directly leads to smaller hold times. And, for what hold times are left, ads can be targeted to specific groups of customers using a similar profiling that is used for call routing.


By fully utilizing cloud-based technology to empower your organization, it becomes simpler than ever to better serve – and subsequently retain – the all-important customer.


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