Counting Down to the Holidays, Call Center Style

Are you ready for the holiday rush? We don’t mean the hustle and bustle of people loaded with packages bumping into each other in your local mall. We mean the rising number of customer contacts that your company will start to get as individuals get closer to the height of the season.This year, expectations are that call centers will receive more online and mobile interactions than phone calls. According to aggregated data from a recent CMS Wire infographic, 91 percent of shoppers plan to go online to research or make purchases this year.Now would be a good time to examine your existing customer touch points and ensure that you are providing an exceptional holiday experience. In particular, you could benefit from examining your newer interaction channels such as mobile apps, your mobile site or your online chat and video offerings to see how you can streamline those pathways and make them better.With a virtual call center solution, there are many ways you can improve your customers’ holiday experience. For instance, you could:

  • Create a team of dedicated “holiday shopping specialists” to help customers complete their purchases, find merchandise, handle complex orders and more.
  • Install kiosks in malls and shopping centers that offer one-button call center access.
  • Put live agents in booths in high-traffic mall corridors.
  • Hold a social media meet-up to chat about holiday gift ideas.
  • Assign a data analyst to the call center for the holiday season to provide management with daily, real-time advice to improve or build on service offerings.

There are many companies that make half their yearly revenue in the holiday season, so making the most of the holidays is crucial. A virtual call center solution can help you adjust staff, stagger hours, expand into additional time zones and even add agents in other countries to your call center – all without additional overhead. And you will be able to train them all from one single location.To learn how you can increase your customers’ satisfaction and conversion rates through the use of a virtual call center solution during the holiday season and all year long, click here to explore Vocalcom’s product suite.

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