Customer Feedback: 6 Key Benefits for your Brand

Asking for customer feedback is a standard practice these days. Most often, customers receive quick surveys following a service interaction or purchase. But just what is the value of customer feedback in the long term? When analyzed and applied strategically, it’s critical to your overall growth and success. Here are six key benefits of customer feedback for your brand. 

Customers trust you more.

By simply asking customers about their experience, you are showing them that you value their opinions. This gesture is a powerful way to earn their trust. To really show them that their comments matter, follow up once you have acted upon their suggestions. For example, if they mention that customer service hours are too short and you have managed to solve that problem, notify them about your new extended hours.

Greater customer retention.

As most companies know, it costs about five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Acting upon customer feedback is a certain way to keep more customers, as they will appreciate the changes you have made to give them better experiences. Specifically, taking the time to satisfy frustrated customers can help you keep their business and win their loyalty.

Improved products.

When customers make comments about specific products and services, take note. Their feedback should be shared with your research and development team, as it may be necessary to improve what you are selling. For example, if a specific item has a design flaw or a subscription package is failing to meet your customers’ needs, your brand can work on making improvements that will please all buyers.

Stronger customer service.

If customers have any issues with your service, their comments should be relayed immediately to your contact center staff. Your agents are the face of your brand, and they need to convey the values and attitude that your company stands for. Use feedback to better train agents and help them grow in their roles so they can offer the service your customers want.

Better understanding of customer satisfaction.

Measuring the CSAT, or customer satisfaction score, is a priority for most brands. By asking customers to fill out a simple survey using a rating system, you can determine their overall satisfaction level. In addition, the Net Promoter Score, or NPS, can tell you the likelihood that your customers will recommend your brand to friends. Use surveys to obtain these important numbers and design stronger customer experiences.

Ability to create customer-centric experiences.

Remember that at the end of the day, every experience needs to be customer-centric. Your customers want you to create the products and services they want, and they need you to respect their time. By using their feedback to create customer journeys that are efficient and amazing, you will make them fall in love with your brand.Customer feedback can be used to strengthen your company as a whole. By sharing such information with employees across the organization and being open to change, your company can continuously provide the kinds of customer experiences that make you stand out from the competition. To deliver the very best customer experiences, learn about Vocalcom, a global leader in AI-powered contact center software solutions and premium omnichannel customer interaction platform at.

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