Customer Satisfaction Insights Shared from Salesforce.com

When it comes to customer satisfaction, companies shouldn’t depend on one method alone to provide clients with the dependable service they need. Unsurprisingly, content customers are not only more likely to continue paying visits to a company that provides them with a positive experience, but they’re also more likely to rate good customer service as an important factor when doing business.As a proud Salesforce partner, we loved the recent insights the company shared on its blog regarding lessons to be learned in customer satisfaction. Here are a couple of key practices Salesforce brings to light that can help companies turn the tides in their favor.TimelinessIncorporating new technology into a call center is all well and good, but it’s only as effective and influential as its users. Timeliness of response has always been a crucial element of securing overall customer satisfaction, but seeing how customers now want to wait for less time, have shorter attention spans and want even more certainty about their service experience, timeliness has become absolutely integral to boosting customer retention and guaranteeing loyalty.FeedbackWhether your company’s feedback is acquired through live chat sessions, over the phone, through social media or any other number of communication channels, taking note of what customers have to say can vastly help your business improve its overall performance and secure continuity.These are only a couple of the different techniques Salesforce recommends to help businesses bolster their competitive advantages when it comes to customer service. Through the expertise Salesforce has to share and the different types of call center software that Vocalcom provides, improving customer service satisfaction can be simple and straightforward.

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