Customers vs. Employees: Is There Really Any Debate?

We can’t believe that there is a currently existing debate about whether the customer or employee is more important. But alas, there apparently is such a conversation going on. Among the many varying monstrosities and slip-ups that a company can make, devaluing your customers or employees in any fashion is among the very worst of them.

We’ve heard a plethora of repurposed, continuous phrases and slogans like “the customer is always right” and “the customer always gets his or her way.” They all essentially mean one thing: Customers are the most important part of any business. Many argue that it’s the customers that keep businesses afloat thanks to their willingness to loyally spend. If this is currently your company’s mindset, it’s time you give this strategy a good old fashioned kick in the pants. Today, forward-thinking, truly visionary companies know that business is not solely driven by profit (in all honesty, when was it ever?), rather it’s collectively fueled by those who come into work every day as well as those who spend.

That’s why when we recently stumbled across an article highlighting this controversial topic, it immediately caught our eye. The question asks, “Should the customer be put first before the employee, or vice versa?” Thankfully, the article similarly agrees that both must be held in high esteem.

When it comes to running your contact center, your employees should be just as empowered as your customer base. For example, your customers should be empowered with multiple unique and innovative channels of service, and at the same time, your agents should be empowered with the comprehensive, advanced call center applications, software and solutions to support this philosophy.

At the end of the day, it can feel like an intimidating balancing act to keep your customers and employees at a side-by-side level, but with the right call center solution, it doesn’t have to be the case. The right technology will cover all of the bases to make sure that both your customers and employees have everything that they need.

To read the article that initially caught our eye, click here.

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