Customization at the heart of innovation

Faced with new consumer generations, the surge of AI, and the acceleration of all these changes, Vocalcom is adapting itself to construct transformative technologies for customer service. The company’s expertise in innovation has allowed it to become a world leader in its 28 years. Nicolas Mestchersky, the new Chief Executive Officer, and Karine Palacios, Chief Product Officer, map out for us the outlines of the evolutions to come.

What do you think customers expect from brands regarding consumerism and relationships?

N.M.: The relationship with brands is completely reversed: we are dealing with a new generation of consumers who are more autonomous, better informed, and looking for an overall experience that ties together not only quality and product personalization but also social responsibility and brand engagement.

Consumer habits are thus characterized by searches for personalized and even individualized offers. In addition, the brands with successful customer service are those that offer conversations based on simplicity, immediacy, and closeness across any channel, whether it be digital or voice.

And then the weight of the « community » of consumers is added to this, who, through reviews, play an essential role in decision-making and user habits. In this context, the customer has therefore taken power and brands must adapt.

How can brands achieve this? What strategies should be implemented?

K.P.: If we wish to acquire new customers, it is necessary to maximize the company’s presence at the right place and to capture, with an adapted message, the customer’s attention at the right moment of the process. However, to win their loyalty, we must optimize satisfaction and revenue per customer, thanks to the efficient and respectful use of data. Many brands also wish to create true ambassadors through what we call the « enchantment of the customer journey.” The objective is to anticipate the risks of dissatisfaction or to convert an incident into an opportunity for a fruitful exchange to reinforce the relationship.

But faced with customers who are anxious to protect their private lives and laws that more strictly limit data use, it is essential to find the right balance that allows you to engage in a dialogue that is targeted, respectful, proactive, and agreed upon by the customer.

What solutions do you offer to meet these challenges?

K.P. : We are building on the high-level performance of our automated call dialer to launch a new intelligent omnichannel solution thanks to which brands can build the ideal customer journey that is GDPR-compliant and targeted. With Hermès Smart Journey, they define, for each person, the preferred channel, at the right time and for the right reason.

The flexibility of our journey conception tool, which sets us apart since the launch of Hermès, allows us today to call upon any type of compliant customer data and define engagement strategies that make the difference.

Today, a new version is in the process of development. It integrates generative AI and will allow companies to develop the key steps of the customer experience: anticipation or predictive handling, transaction analysis, the automation of the easiest tasks, and assistance for agents or “the enhanced agent.”

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