Customizing the Customer Experience Across all Channels

As you continue to diversify the ways in which your customers can interact with you, it’s important to remember that your efforts should be customized to fit not just the customer but the customer’s use of the channel, as well.

For instance, someone might respond well to a flash sale announcement on Foursquare or in a personal text but not as well on Facebook or Twitter, which are much broader media.

With one-to-one channels such as phone, e-mail and video and online chat, empower your agents to make solid decisions about discounts, reimbursements and special offers on a per-situation basis. Tailoring the response to the situation will keep the comment fresh and targeted directly to the need of a particular customer at that time.

How an interaction begins and ends is key to the tone of the call and to what the customer remembers afterward. It should be consistent no matter what the channel. If your policy is to apologize for a customer inconvenience or problem, this shouldn’t vary by channel. Even in 140 characters, your agents should take the time to spell out the words “I apologize” and say whatever is necessary to set the right mood and satisfaction level for the contact.

Your call center software can differentiate between channels while at the same time provide business rules across all channels that maintain the consistency of your brand mission and message. Those business rules – built into your call center software – can be applicable to both your outbound sales team and your service team. Your call center software can help guide everyone on both teams to follow the directions you set for satisfactory call resolution.

The more personal the conversation, the more trust your customer will have in you. Ensure that your agents are always focusing the conversation on the customer, and they will walk away with an exceptional customer experience.

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