Deploying Your Agents Absolutely Anywhere

It used to be the case that every contact center needed to be contained in one physical building in which every employee worked nine to five. But oh, how things have changed. Not only do customers want and expect to be able to reach a contact center agent beyond the regular office hours (many expect 24/7/365 support), but, as a contact center manager, you are finding more and more often that technology allows your agents to work just as effectively (and sometimes even more so) from the comfort of their homes rather than a physical office.

With a powerful set of tools at the modern contact center agent’s disposal – made possible through services offered by companies like Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM solutions provider – agents’ jobs are becoming easier to manage with a single laptop. Let’s take a look at some of the tools your call center agent can utilize as a work-at-home employee:

Universal Queuing: This addresses the concerns of a multi-channel experience, allowing each agent to know where the next customer is coming from and which method of communication he or she would prefer to utilize.

Call Recording: With an in-office experience, it’s easy for contact center agents to keep an eye on employees, making sure that each call or other mode of communication is running as efficiently as possible. With call recording, agents can listen back on conversations, allowing them to fine-tune and hone in on future calls.

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