Dialer Technology Key for Lenders and Compliance Management

Lenders need to start better optimizing their predictive dialer platforms for improved compliance management, according to the Auriemma Consulting Group. The need for more powerful predictive dialer technology is being brought on by new legal requirements within the Dodd-Frank Act, which, according to reports, “made significant changes to federal preemption and expanded states’ lawmaking and enforcement authority.”These changes have called for greater and more targeted dialer solutions to improve reporting and filtering, to better manage campaign structure in real-time and provide lenders with more control and flexibility.So, what kind of dialer solution should you be on the lookout for?”As with any form of technology, some offer better solutions than others,” explains Alvaro Sandoval, director at Auriemma Consulting Group, in last week’s report. “Lenders should look for the vendors that best fit their business needs and strategic initiatives, while providing a comprehensive package of products, services, and support. Implementing the proper technology can help ensure compliance and mitigate potential fines while reducing costs.”Although advances in dialer technology – both standard and hosted predictive dialers – have been made, companies apparently still have some trepidations about usage. To this end, Sandoval says, “Many predictive dialer technology companies offer scaled-down or baseline versions of their software. This may help lenders purchase new dialer technologies, while mitigating many of the costs associated with launching new dialer platforms.”We understand that when looking for new predictive dialer technology, you need to ensure that all of the bases are covered. Vocalcom never takes predictive or hosted predictive dialer needs lightly. Our solutions are widely considered to be more robust and comprehensive than any other on the market, offering distinct advantages, flexibility and room to grow alongside your company.Ready to find the dialer of your dreams? Click here to get started.

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