Diet Center chooses VOCALCOM for a MultiSite OmniChannel Contact Center.

Vocalcom Welcomes Nutrition and Diet Center

The Nutrition and Diet Center is the first dedicated diet and weight loss health center in the Middle East. (KSA, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait and UAE) The Nutrition and Diet Center’s mission goes beyond the concept of weight loss, to that of helping the region’s communities achieve a better way of living.

Elite Partnerships

With huge number of “Consumers” portfolio, Vocalcom and ILS our Elite partner in KSA approached Diet Center KSA and convinced them to manage the huge number of consumers with Voalcom solutions and support, to increase the number of sales productivity and manage the customer service as well, VOCALCOM and ILS closed the first deal for their first call center in KSA , and working on the expanding in Lebanon, Qatar , Kuwait and UAE

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