Digital Convenience and Hospitality Can In Fact Co-Exist

One criticism of the Internet and – more generally – the hyper-connected digital world is that it’s impersonal, anonymous and, oftentimes, lacks in customer service. While visiting mom and pop businesses is great for the local economy, one reason often cited for sticking with an analog shopping experience is because of the stellar service received. We are now finding, though, that by utilizing the right customer service technology, digital convenience and hospitality can co-exist.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which customer service technology can best be utilized.

Multi-channel Inquiry Capturing

Whether your customer is chatting with you over the phone or sending a message via Twitter, Facebook e-mail, chat or SMS, it’s important that your call center applications reflect all of the options that are on the table for the modern customer.

Make the Right Connections

Each agent in your call center has a unique skill set that corresponds to a customer need. This can relate not just to the specific content of the inquiry, but also to the method in which the customer chooses to reach out to your call center. Some of your agents may be experts at using Twitter or Facebook; meanwhile, others may be great on the phone. The right call center software means that your customers will get the quickest, most efficient service possible.

Learn How to Use the Databases

There is a great deal of information and data regarding your customers that can help you serve them best when any issues arise. To this end, agents should become well versed in using knowledge bases, billing systems and ordering data bases in helping their customers.

These are just a few aspects of customer service technology to keep in mind; however, as new technologies crop up every day, it’s important that agents and managers alike utilize the market’s most advanced offerings to better deliver the kind of digital service that’s in such high demand today.

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