Digital Customer Service is King Right Now

Any company that has dealt with an irate customer who was put on a long hold or whose call was dropped knows that good customer service is key to a business’ success. More specifically, it knows that responsiveness is the definition of “good service.” Your customers have the right to expect that their questions will be answered and that their needs will be addressed quickly; otherwise, they are likely to take their business elsewhere.

This has always been a known fact, but now, new research is revealing the key to keeping customers’ business right where it belongs – with you. The answer? Digital customer service.

Top industry analyst Forrester recently revealed in its report, “Digital Customer Experience Trends to Watch, 2013,” that digital touchpoints are the key to unlocking call center success.

Ways in which such touchpoints can help connect to your customers are:

Self service/connected kiosks

This solution contains a tablet or iPad with fully interactive applications, allowing retail customers to see online product details, watch product videos and even connect with your sales team to get answers to questions or to buy products. Connecting immediately with your call center will increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Global cross-channel retail multimedia touchpoints

This allows customers to print sales materials, explore products in-depth, compare products and services and leverage your social media (i.e. visiting your Facebook page, accessing QR codes and engaging with your customer service team via video chat).

Omni-channel customer engagement

Last but not least, this allows you to manage your customers’ wait times and their overall satisfaction by providing live assistance with a customer service rep who can help them immediately. If none of your call center operators are available, a customer’s question can be answered by FAQ’s or product videos and customers may post their question to your call center via the Web to be answered within a designated timeframe, giving them the peace of mind of knowing that their concerns have been heard.

If you are looking to engage with your customers via digital touchpoints, consider an industry leader like Vocalcom. Powered by Hermes Cloud, our solution “The Drive” provides in-store, real-time digital touchpoints that support total cross-channel retailing and help you reach your customers in an innovative and effective way.

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