Does Your Call Center Software Support These Two Social Media Necessities?

We all know that social media has significantly influenced the way consumers shop and interact with their favorite brands. How much so? Twenty-two percent of Americans (or 12 million individuals) use social networking sites several times per day, 47 percent of Americans say Facebook has the greatest impact on purchase behavior and 76 percent of Twitter users now post status updates. Needless to say, your call center software should be rigorously supporting this strong social media usage.

In light of that, consider if your software supports these aspects of social media:

Selling on Twitter

Consider if your existing call center software can automatically identify Twitter conversations regarding your products so that you can push offers in real-time (and don’t underestimate your customers’ activeness on Twitter in doing so – in 2012, 27 percent of active Twitter users posted a positive comment about a company or product and 33 percent asked a question to the public about a specific product or service). 

Social Customer Service

This is, of course, the most important aspect of your call center software’s social media support. You need to deliver answers quickly and efficiently (after all, customers expect answers to their Twitter complaints within only 60 minutes). Ensure that questions and comments from social media channels can become part of your case queue, and make sure that your software can route these through one, single hub, as well as monitor and prioritize these conversations according to sentiment and influence. You can use these insights from customers’ online profiles to deliver better answers faster.

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