Does Your Company Tell a Story?

You could have the greatest product in the world, but if your customer service is suffering, your profit will undoubtedly take a hit, too. In fact, 68 percent of customers are driven away from a company specifically because of the treatment they’ve received, whereas only 14 percent left due to dissatisfaction with a company’s product or service.

If you’re driving the majority of your customers away with bad service, then you’re soon likely to not have any business at all. To keep your customers satisfied with you and to keep their profit (the average value of a lost U.S. consumer is $289), you need to give them a reason to invest their time and dollars. You need to tell them your brand’s story.

Sometimes, business benefits come rolling in by going above and beyond what call center software or solutions are being implemented, or even the way they are being utilized by employees. More often than not, a business relationship is established because the customer actually feels like he or she is committed to the company. Customers like to know a company on a more personal level, including its history and key players. In other words, they want to hear your company’s story.

Research shows that selling through story-telling is one of the most effective business methods of the bunch. This is because stories have the ability to “transport” customers to another place, allowing businesses to leave a powerful and lasting impression on customers.

Your company has a story to tell. What are you doing to promote it?

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