Does Your Predictive Dialer Have Truly Seamless Integration?

Puzzles can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to find that missing piece to hold everything together. It doesn’t help when you have a hundred other pieces of different shapes and sizes thrown into the mix. At Vocalcom, we’d like to think that our predictive dialer solution is here to be your perfect fit.

We understand that in today’s day and age, in order to achieve your larger business goals, you have to be adept at navigating multiple forms of communication. Whether it be a mobile or online approach, Vocalcom’s technology can help you accommodate customer preferences by seamlessly integrating into your current structure. Our predictive dialer blends with your operational system and streamlines call center efforts from a single interface.

Most dialer technology functions as standalone operations, hindering your workflow. Conversely, Vocalcom’s solution intelligently molds to your individual business, centralizing all the tools you need for successful communication and enhanced customer interaction. A simple API supports several third-party CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. And the dialer’s multi-channel virtual queuing allows agents to respond to customers faster and easier, regardless of their method of contact. Customers will appreciate the flexibility of the digital customer service that allows agents to unify and manage interactions with ease. Customers even have the option of using the mobile app equipped with Vocalcom Mobile Engagement Software Live Connect capability, which provides agent with a holistic view of customer history and status.

Complete the puzzle. Let Vocalcom’s predictive dialer snap into place with your system, and experience the difference in your business’s efficiency and productivity. Read more about our solution here.

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