Don’t Miss the Boat on Cloud Computing

While ‘cloud contact center’ feels like a relatively new, fresh term, the amount of data currently in the cloud is immense and substantial. A new infographic from Seagate notes that one exabyte of data is currently stored in the cloud, which, in storage terms, is equivalent to everyone living in Thailand owning an iPhone. How much is an exabyte? It’s a quintillion—or one billion billion—bytes of information.

Does your contact center deal with a great amount of data? If this infographic is any indication, the cloud can more than handle whatever you need to be stored.

The Future of the Cloud Contact Center

With the global market for cloud equipment expected to reach $79.1 billion by 2018, the cloud contact center is set to become a vital way in which agents can store and receive data regarding customers. As the cloud grows, so do the possibilities for the cloud contact center.

Storage Reliability

There are as many different types of contact centers as there are industries. It’s reassuring to know that 60 percent of businesses are utilizing cloud for performing IT operations. One industry that is beginning to rely on cloud storage is healthcare. With 15 percent of U.S. healthcare systems leveraging cloud storage for images (such as CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds and MRIs), and with that number expected to increase to over 50 percent in the next three years, it’s clear that industries that contain the most vital and private of information feel safe in the cloud. It’s a great sign that the cloud contact center is an equally reliable space to be in.

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