Don’t Underestimate the Power of Online Service for Older Customers

The telephone still stands as the preferred method of communication for older consumers; however, the right call center software solution can be the key needed to bringing more of these traditional individuals over into the online realm. Confusion and usability are often cited as top reasons for older customers staying away from online service, but a recent study by Forrester Research finds that the reasons why younger and older customers give up on an online purchase are often the same: lack of service.

This data shows that 56 percent of Older Boomers (ages 57-67) will abandon an online service if they cannot quickly find an answer to a question. Compare this to 43 percent of Gen Z members (ages 18-23) and 54 percent of the older Golden Generation (aged 68+).

Call Center Software Steps In

By understanding the small distance between older and younger users’ reasons for purchasing items online, it becomes clear that the right call center software can ensure that users are easily directed towards online service options and that, once online, they are able to seamlessly get the answers they are looking for. At the end of the day, they can enjoy a more efficient, smoothly flowing online experience, rather than give up and go back to hearing a dial tone.

Internet Adoption Continues to Rise

As more and more older consumers are online every day, it’s believed that an increased number of seniors will branch off into using online channels to make purchases and interact with companies. More aggressively pushing for service standardization across all channels will not only set your call center apart from the competition, but it’s the only way to positively and directly impact customer retention. For every great call center, those two initiatives always go hand-in-hand.

To learn more about generational online service, click here to access Forrester’s “Understand Communication Channel Needs to Craft Your Customer Service Strategy” whitepaper.

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