E-mail Increasingly Important for Virtual Call Center Operations

E-mail is proving to be an important part of not just day-to-day tasks, but also virtual call center operations. Leveraging e-mail as a way to communicate, not just with personnel but also with customers, is a fantastic way to use 21st century communications. Through this practice, it’s possible to not only increase general customer interaction, but, perhaps more importantly, the chance of a singular interaction becoming a valuable exchange.

In fact, a recent study exploring the use of virtual communications found that U.S. workers will spend approximately 30 percent of their office time using e-mail. This poses the question: Why aren’t we being serviced via e-mail more often? There are plenty of implications of this when it comes to virtual call centers. Take a look at three below:

  • About 60 percent of contact centers use agents who work from a virtual location. Utilizing as many different outlets and mediums as possible can help them provide the quality and efficient service that customers crave today.
  • Today, a large percentage of customers rely on more than one channel for service and communication. Usage of traditional phone calls can sometimes look dim when compared to social media, Web chat and more. Companies must embrace communication practices that will reach clients in the most effective and time-sensitive manner.
  • Generally speaking, incorporating multi-channel forms of communication also helps companies reach the level of stellar customer service they’re interested in achieving, as well as opens up the possibility of actually using virtual call centers and making the most of the flexibility they provide.

When it comes to making the most of call centers that are virtually based, it’s important to leverage as many different forms of communication as possible. This is why e-mail, as a part of multi-channel communication, serves both a practical and creative purpose. It enables companies to communicate with clients in a variety of virtual ways that best meets the customer’s needs, thus increasing the chances of having not just an interaction, but a positive and valuable one.

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