Elevating the Awareness of Your Contact Center’s Ecommerce Strategy

An important aspect of successfully running any kind of business is to take the occasional step back and look at the way things are running from an outside perspective. It’s easy for an enterprise to become stuck in a specific pattern, mired down by developing its business from what it has done in the past. (Even if past techniques have been successful, it’s easier than you think for them to suddenly become stale). Customers want something new and are infatuated with the fresh. Often, the best way to create something fresh is to redefine your business’ starting line.

Stuck on where to start? Consider the world of ecommerce, which has undergone drastic changes in the last few years. A recurring trend regarding the future of ecommerce specifically deals with the concept of customer customization. Many ecommerce industry leaders cite the growing importance of a custom product, and this shows that customers will soon be utilizing online shopping as an ersatz personal shopper.

Erik Severinghaus of SimpleRelevance states that the top ecommerce companies win their customers by utilizing personalized communication, social targeting and e-mail. Meanwhile, Bhavin Parikh of Magoosh Test Prep stresses the importance and proliferation of customized designs tailored specifically for the individual client.

Both of these strategies are about one thing: empowering the customer and showing them that their experience is their own; they are not receiving the same attention as the person before them, and they are in charge of their business.

By viewing the cloud contact center through an ecommerce lens, the importance of treating every customer as his or her own entity can be seen with crystal clear vision.

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