Employ Live Agents: 45 Percent of Customers Will Thank You For It

Recent statistics have shown that almost half of customers prefer communicating with live agents as opposed to self-service. Why is this the case? Perhaps it’s because most customers feel that self-service is inadequate in some cases and, as such, options to speak with an agent in real-time – including live Web chat – are growing in popularity. For companies looking to provide the valuable, personable, one-to-one experience customers desire, a predictive dialer can be an excellent tool to use.However, to avoid any technological misconceptions, only the most advanced, sophisticated solution should be utilized in your call center. Remember, not all predictive dialers are created equal.For those who may not exactly know, a predictive dialer is a computerized system that is able to dial multiple sets of telephones numbers at the same time, distinguishing calls that go to voice mail, have busy signals, are actually fax numbers and more. The technology makes it possible to accelerate sales as well as improve overall marketing performance in a number of ways. For example, it can easily and seamlessly filter out time-wasters such as eliminating time spent on disconnected calls, enabling agents to more effectively use their time interacting with customers. Additionally, inbound return calls can be directly routed to the same agents that spoke with customers earlier. Even more, the technology is specifically designed to handle more than one type of dialing mode, and handle practically every component of a phone-based campaign so every interaction with a customer can be a profitable and valuable one.For companies that desire to increase the chances of their customers speaking with a live customer service representative, a predictive dialer is just one of many solutions Vocalcom offers. Click here to learn more about the variety of service we offer to heighten your service interactions.

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