Employee Empowerment is Vital for Your Contact Center’s Bottom Line

If you want to offer the best customer service, then you should empower agents to make real-time decisions. This will not only lead to higher employee productivity, satisfaction and loyalty, but will have a direct, positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well.

To this end, here are five key strategies for successful employee empowerment:

1. Communication is key

Communicate to your employees the sales from the day before. Take this a step further by comparing sales against the same day a year ago; it’s a great way of reminding your employees that they are an integral part of your company’s success. Be sure to communicate your wants and needs, as well as provide positive feedback.

2. Trust employees to do the job

Employees need accurate, relevant information to succeed. With Vocalcom’s cloud-based call center application (embedded with Salesforce.com) you can rest assured that your agents will have the tools and information they need to properly and confidently handle any situation. With the right tools and training, you can step back knowing your team has everything under control.

3. Encourage employee suggestions and feedback

Employees who are ‘in the trenches’ see things from the inside out and have a different perspective than managers, who are conversely looking from the outside in. Leverage your call center software to its fullest potential in order to gather employee suggestions and to share them with the rest of the team.

4. Delegate meaningful work, not menial work

This gives your employees the opportunity to push themselves and try new things. It challenges them, keeping everyone refreshed and seeding new ideas for company improvement and growth.

5. Provide support

Empowered employees must feel that they have the support of not just f their managers, but the entire company, from the top down. Providing that support will keep agents consistently focused on company goals. 

Our cloud-based call center applications, software and solutions should be a key ingredient of your company’s employee empowerment strategy. Supported by Salesforce.com, we can help guide agents through appropriate messaging and decision levels, while at the same time, supporting even the most aggressive tracking and measuring initiatives.

With the right training and software solution, you can empower your employees, step back and watch their success – and yours – flow.

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