Empowering Your Virtual Call Center Agents with a CRM Dialer

Working remotely is quickly becoming the new standard for many, offering employees the ability to work anywhere, anytime and using any telephony device to get things done faster and to more quickly respond to sudden changes in demand. For many, the future of the workplace is in the virtual realm.

Best Use of Third-Party Agents

The ability to rely on thirty-party – or virtual – agents to help assist with customer inquires is a benefit for any call center. For instance, advanced, cloud-based predictive dialer technology enables agents to reach out to as many customers as possible, helping minimize the downsides of working with standard telephone service and connecting to as many prospects as possible.

It’s important, though, that your virtual agents are able to access the same features and integration that is available to the in-house team, as well. This brings us to the concept of platform unity.

The Importance of Platform Unity

A CRM dialer assists not only the agents using them, but also sales team members and subcontractors out in the field. By empowering every member of your team with the same platform, from anywhere at any time, your organization will be able to deal with issues as they arise and address concerns from every angle.

Corporations are more and more often moving to Salesforce.com for their CRM solutions. With the added benefits of a truly solid system, as well as add-ons available for integration with these systems, more call centers have found themselves able to improve agent productivity, generate additional revenue and streamline practices that had previously remained disparate. 

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