Engaging Millennial Customers

As described in the previous blog post, millennial customers, also known as Generation Y, show great demand for omnichannel customer service, have a preference for mobile engagement, and have the power to serve as great brand advocates when companies deliver great service. So how can companies engage this digital generation?

Be conversational and a little bit personal.

A recent survey conducted on U.S. consumers found that millennials are 20% more likely than baby boomers to prefer live chat, while Forbes cited that 62% of millennials want to engage with brands on social media. This means that the younger generation doesn’t just want information-they want a personal experience. Given that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are conversational by nature, agents can use these channels to personalize the customer experience in a way millennials will appreciate. On all channels, agents should address the millennial consumer by name, introduce themselves, and take the time to ask how the consumer is doing and if they are ultimately satisfied with the service experience at the end of the interaction. Social media enables companies to be personal with consumers while still remaining professional, and millennials thrive on this authentic approach.

Be proactive.

Proactive customer service is essential for consumers of all ages, but millennials are particularly sensitive to time and instant gratification. They will remember you if you’re quick to please them, take away the potential headache of customer service, or have a great offer for them. If a customer wants to place an order for delivery, tell him/her the contact information on record and ask for a confirmation rather than asking the customer to give the details. This saves a bit of time but most importantly shows that the company is organized, efficient, and aware who their customers are. If customers qualify for free or discounted shipping, or if the brand can make an offer that will qualify them for some discount, let the customers know as soon as possible. Millennials also want to know about discounts in advance-the sooner this information is communicated (via social media or email, for example), the greater their loyalty.

Time is of the essence.

Customers who reach out on social media are often requesting a real-time conversation, but brands must also be sure to deliver efficient service on other channels as well-via email, SMS, or phone, for example. Quick answers means being thorough while still attentive to time, and this can also include providing customers with shortcuts such as FAQs or video tutorials on a company website that will provide prompt answers. For retail brands, quick delivery options and easy returns are a must, as millennials favor brands that give them options and allow them to change their minds or preferences.

Understand customer values.

A Forbes study cited that 75% of millennials expect brands to give back to society rather than simply keeping all their profits. While a company may not be able to go 100% green, finding opportunities to donate to charities, support environmental causes, and generally follow ethical practices which help society are all meaningful ways to engage the millennial consumer. If your brand engages in any charitable work, it’s important to communicate this on all channels and even find ways to connect sales to charitable contributions–offering to donate a percentage of proceeds to environmental causes, for example. Millennial customers will understand that you not only care about their needs but society as a whole.

A little “thank you” can go a very long way.

Of course, every customer deserves to be thanked for their business. With millennials, however, a “thank you” can go a long way thanks to social media. When millennial customers are thanked on social media channels, or generally engage in any positive interaction with a brand, they are highly likely to share their satisfaction with a brand through retweets, Facebook likes, and positive social media posts. Offered them a discount or just a great customer experience? They just may rave about it on their accounts-and win you new customers.Forbes cited that 60% of millennials are often or always loyal to brands from which they currently purchase. With these statistics in mind, companies can fuel their business, deliver customer service in new and exciting ways, and optimize newer technologies by engaging their tech-savvy millennial customers. Learn more about Vocalcom contact center software solutions for great social customer service.

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