Enhancing the Customer Experience Amidst the Internet of Things

No matter what the industry, there is no doubt that customer service is changing and being influenced by the Internet of things (IoT). In no small way, this directly impacts the perceived and real experience of using call center software. As customer service becomes increasingly reliant on the Internet, it is important for any organization with a hand in the service industry to have an all-encompassing and evolving Internet solution.

The self-reliant customer is not just cheaper for business; it has quickly become a strong customer preference. Today’s unique customer base is looking for an unprecedented level of autonomy in buying and engaging with companies. This calls for companies to not have, for example, a top 10 FAQs section on their website, as well as supply page-by-page instruction, a Help page and more. Most customer interacts are preceded by a visit to your company’s website; by creating a fully interactive Web presence, your sales cycle can become fully accelerated and you will likely enjoy a stronger FCR initiative.

Another key to enhancing the customer experience is the ability of a company to be flexible. As customers become increasingly mobile, the expectation is that their life – as well as the companies they interact with – will become mobile as well.

Perhaps the most important part of engineering a robust online presence is integration. A company needs to realize that gone are the days that their content might be accessed from something other than a direct agent interaction or from the computer, it most likely will be accessed from a tablet or smartphone. This means that it is no longer enough for a Web page to be easily accessed; it needs to be a fully realized and optimized space.  

Your call center software is an extension of the online customer experience your company delivers. It is vital that it is manufactured to mirror the Web space. Bottom line: your company’s website and Internet presence should be delivering the same experience as the agents that are helping them. 

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