Enjoying the ‘Mobile Difference’ the Right Way

Mobility is being touted more and more as the new face of customer engagement. Mobile devices are no longer just a part of the hype, evidenced by the fact that the number of active cell phones will reach 7.3 billion by 2014 – a figure that will officially surpass that of the human population. Mobility is certainly no longer just another chapter in the “smaller, faster, cheaper” device story. Rather, it’s a book all of its own. Imagine for a moment one of your customers having your app in their front pocket. What kind of advantages can you achieve given this opportunity? The answer is more than you’d ever known. In a recent whitepaper of ours released in conjunction with top industry analyst Forrester Research, we explain how businesses can achieve what we call the ‘mobile difference.’ First, you need to make sure that your mobile experience is built on a system of engagement.Building your mobile experience on a system of engagement means marrying physical context with digital intelligence. In other words, your ability to integrate the physical context from a mobile device with the digital intelligence embedded in your systems of record will enable you to build new and exciting applications and services for not only your customers, but partners and employees.The ‘mobile difference’ is all about empowering your customers to drive explosive growth in engagement. But you have to make sure that you achieve this difference the right way. CIOs and mobile innovators consistently agree that when approached blindly, there can be some serious deficiencies in mobile integration. This can include fragmented and uncoordinated projects consuming scarce resources; business applications and middleware designed for transactions, not engagement; and more.To rise above these commonly faced issues, one must establish a mobile center of excellence to master engagement. To learn how to do this, click here to access our whitepaper in full.

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