Euro CRM Enjoys Success Thanks to Cost-Conscious Vocalcom Software

It all comes down to money. At least such was the case initially for France-based call center Euro CRM in its decision to purchase Vocalcom’s Hermes Cloud call center software.

When Euro CRM—an expert in customer relations management—was founded 12 years ago, the fledgling call center was operating under the restraints of a limited budget. This is what initially prompted executives to adopt Hermes Pro—a solution that allows agents to manage all call center communication channels thanks to features like a predictive engine, inbound ACD call distribution and an interactive voice server—primarily because of its affordable nature.

Despite the assumed correspondence between quality and dollar signs, Euro CRM soon discovered that Hermes Pro not only well suited its budget, but also proved to be instrumental for its call centers in France and London. And IT Director Marc Messé explained that with the support of Vocalcom, Euro CRM quickly learned how to navigate the “stable and reliable” call center software with ease.

As the company expanded, Euro CRM upgraded to Hermes.net, virtual call center software that allows Euro CRM to more efficiently manage data and resources from a single, collective source. The solution also allowed Euro CRM to streamline operational processes, enjoy data backup and benefit from enhanced capacity.“Real time flow and data transfer gives me the opportunity to, in case of a technological problem on one of our sites, transfer all activities immediately to another site, and also to ensure non-stop service to our clients anywhere, anytime,” General Director Maxime Rougier divulged, adding that the ability to provide non-stop service is a valuable differentiator for the company – especially when considering today’s ultra competitive market.“In such a competitive world…you can’t have a circuit or services break without irritating customers,” he said. “Ensuring that whatever the situation is, we can handle an entirely non-stop service is a major argument to choose our services.”Our motto here at Vocalcom is that our customers truly do tell the story best. 

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