Examining the Cost-Effective Nature of Cloud-Based CRM

Top industry analysts continue to report that the customer experience is one of few differentiators that are difficult to imitate. It makes sense, considering how about two-thirds of consumers switched companies in the past year solely due to poor customer service – many times due to dissatisfaction with the amount of channels offered for communication. We cringe just thinking about the loss in revenue these poorly performing companies experienced as a result.

This leads to one indisputable fact: Customers want powerful, multi-channel service support. And, what’s better than servicing your customers in the way that they desire? Saving money in the process. This is where cloud-based multi-channel customer relationship management (CRM) software plays an integral role.

Sourcing multi-channel CRM from the cloud is the most practical financial step one can take. No longer do you need to buy, install or upgrade your IT infrastructure or software (automatic software upgrades keep call center operations constant) but you can eliminate the expensive price tag of physical, in-house hardware and software, including the maintenance contract and long deployment times that accompany them.

And your agents will immediately see the difference, too. Employees will be able to work from anywhere that has an Internet connection, meaning that your call center can be up and running 24×7 – a huge competitive advantage for servicing those antsy or overly worried customers. Even more, taking advantage of centralized, Web-based contact center management helps IT staff further reduce administrative costs.

When it comes to the cost advantages of cloud-based CRM, the possibilities are truly endless. Click here to explore some of your options.

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