Exploring Automation in Customer Service

Oftentimes, it can seem that the most efficient and useful tools for contact center agents can also be the most frustrating for customers. When customers place phone calls to a contact center, they do so with the hope of speaking to a real, live attendant. But, as anyone who’s worked in this space knows, the number of agents to callers does not always work out to a one-to-one ratio.

At the same time, another reality is becoming increasingly evident: many customers are no longer placing phone calls in order to have their issues resolved. With today’s vast suite of call center solutions available today, customers are now sending e-mail and reaching out via chat, text, Twitter and Facebook message. Consider, for example, that almost half of social media users have used social customer care.

With so many service channels at the customer’s disposal, it can be hard on your company’s end to make sure that their issues are being resolved in the most efficient manner possible. It is for this reason that automation is not just the call center agent’s best friend, but also that of the customer, as well.

Know Your Team Members’ Strengths

Automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment – machinery, processes and more – with minimal human intervention. In some cases, all processes can be automated.

A true 21st century service platform includes really hearing your customers through whatever format they choose when reaching out to you. This is why it’s more critical than ever to evaluate who on your team can best answer questions on social media, who excels at e-mail and who is a true master of the phone call.

Depending on your company’s specific offerings, you may want to automate based on areas of concern that certain contact center agents specialize in. In this way, not only can requests be automated by channel, but also by expertise. At the end of the day, it can be difficult to avoid the initial step where customers are queried about their concerns and asked for information on how best to assist them. What’s important, though, is ensuring that the next immediate part of the customers’ experience involves their concerns being addressed in the most efficient manner possible.

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