Exploring ‘Growth Technologies’ for the Contact Center

It’s indisputable that the cloud contact center market is amidst a period of explosive growth. In today’s current, always-on society, everything has become more mobile and more accessible via phones, tablets, computers and soon even wearable technology. Because of this, it is important that cloud contact center managers expand their organizations alongside this notable technological growth to meet customers wherever they are.

Simply put, right now is the prime time for cloud contact centers to implement these growth technologies. In a recent blog series, Forrester Research named the phase of utilizing growth technologies as one of the prime phases that is important to customer service. So, what are growth technologies? They are solutions that involve using specific types of technologies to help companies evolve and grow within the customer service industry.  

These technologies can include, for instance, chatting with customers, opening up social listening and steering questions and concerns to an area where community solutions can be developed. While many of these solutions and technologies are already active, by their nature they are also easy to further develop and expand. In many cases, simply repurposing some of these technologies is a way to grow a base of respondents. For example, moving a question from a specific client to a community setting or board can be quite advantageous and productive, helping develop a conversation within the community that the contact center can in turn leverage and benefit from.

Even better, there’s a bonus that goes along with developing growth strategies and technologies; not only does this open up new avenues for growth ideas for the company, but it presents the appearance of transparency and openness for the clients involved. Customers are able to see that they are a part of the development of their service, which helps instill a sense of ownership and confidence in the client, helping assure repeat business and a continued, flourishing relationship.

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