Exploring the Cloud Effect on Business Apps

We’ve all heard the saying, “Get your head out of the clouds,” but today, businesses would be wise to ignore the age-old idiom. As shown in this interactive infographic by the Aberdeen Group, cloud services have had a significant impact on business applications with very positive results.  

In order to fit the cloud, infrastructure applications are becoming increasingly virtualized, eliminating the need for physical hardware and required resources. The survey demonstrated that 55 percent of applications are already virtualized and 16 percent are in the process of becoming virtualized.

Virtualized business apps – such as call center applications – afford distinct operational advantages. One such advantage, for example, is server consolidation. By centralizing your systems in the cloud, you reduce energy consumption and costs spent on maintaining IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus your finances on achieving core business goals instead. Virtualization dually provides businesses with peace of mind as a reliable disaster recovery (DR) plan. The redundant system guarantees 24/7 access to your protected data, which also translates into increased agent mobility – another benefit of outsourcing to the cloud. Agents now have information available to them anytime, anywhere. For call centers, these advantages can lead to a dramatically beneficial influence on efficiency levels and return rate values.

And this isn’t just all talk. The infographic points to three performance tiers of companies that have employed virtualized apps. Survey results showed that top tier companies with an average of 71 percent virtualized apps reduced IT spending by 21 percent and experienced an average app deployment rate of 1.1 days.

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