Part 1 – Exploring the Core of the Salesforce Platform

Enterprise application development has been hit by the explosion of the “social revolution” – a time when the forces of social and mobile collided headfirst. Smart connected devices have since seen a rise in the workplace like never before. And as such, competitive legacy platforms offered prior to this revolution are now oftentimes considered too slow, complex and expensive.

Conversely, Salesforce.com, a global enterprise software, is optimized for all changes of this social and mobile revolution. In fact, during a September 2012 keynote speech, Salesforce.com COO George Hu explained, “The Salesforce platform is the heart of our technology.” The company does not just create technology as an application; it produces it as a platform to benefit every single product line.

 “I’ve been at Salesforce for 10 years, and in the last two years I’ve seen the biggest shift in the business environment in my entire time,” Hu continued, explaining that today, there are 456 million tablets and 782 million smartphones in the workplace. “In just a few years, we’re going to see 1 billion smart connected devices in the workplace.”

Hu explained that legacy platforms could be holding your business back. “These platforms… were all created unfortunately before social – [and] before mobile, and so when we try to use these legacy platforms to take us to this new place, it’s no wonder that… they can’t get us there fast enough.”

When it comes to the social and mobile era, the Salesforce platform is created to withstand any major changes or market transformations. “No one likes to be the department that says ‘no.’ We want to be the department of ‘yes,’ We want to be the group that says ‘yes’ to innovation, ‘yes’ to inspiration, ‘yes’ to transformation,” Hu says. As a Salesforce partner ourselves, we couldn’t have said it any better.

The discussion isn’t over yet. There are three core competencies that empower Salesforce’s platform that every business needs to know. To find out what they are, stay tuned for part two of this series.

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