Part 2 – Exploring the Core of the Salesforce Platform

What creates a tall and healthy tree? Fresh green leaves, wide expansive branches, and most importantly, thick, solid roots. If you are wondering what the Salesforce platform is rooted upon, it is the three core principles of speed, touch and trust. As you may have already learned from part one of this series, the platform is transparently designed to evolve and grow with today’s rapidly changing market.

Speed helps your business get where it needs to be. Salesforce.com COO George Hu explained in a September 2012 keynote speech that the platform was built “from the ground up with a set of services that allow you to get there fast to focus on the innovation.” Meanwhile, the platform does all of “heavy lifting behind the scenes.”

The second principle – the new mantra for enterprise application – is touch. “We believe this is where all the applications are going because it is highly differentiated; it really allows you to take advantage of what you created [and supports] your existing developer’s deliberate touch,” said Hu.

Lastly, you can’t build upon a platform if it’s not trustworthy. Hu explains, “It has to be secure, reliable, it has to manage your identity, and that drives everything we do at salesforce.com.”

With the Salesforce platform founded on these inventive core principles, the results are incredible. “We have nine major services that allow you to really deliver every dream that you have to transform how you connect with your customers and employees.”

With developers, business experts, and ISVs working faster as a result, there have been 800,000 developers already. In terms of innovations, there have been:

  • 60 billion transactions a quarter
  • 26 billion API calls a quarter
  • 2.5 million applications

Salesforce.com is proud of all the services it has been able to offer with its platform, which continues to push the boundaries of technological advancement. With the rise of the social revolution, the company has been able to achieve unbelievable results in just a short matter of time.

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