Exploring the Eco-Friendly Side of the Virtual Call Center

For businesses that want to be cost-effective and eco-friendly, a virtual call center can help. The advancement of call center technology has enabled virtual call centers to become more common and more reliable. This type of setup is praised for its cost-saving effectiveness as well as flexibility; however, some companies might be surprised to learn about the eco-friendly benefits that arise from call centers that aren’t confined to one building.

The numbers don’t lie:

  • 41 million Americans have jobs that are compatible to work from home. According to recent research, if each of these people chose to work from home just one day a week, the entire nation could save over $400 million in commuter costs.
  • 41 million Americans working from home one day a week can reduce toxic emission by 423,000 tons.
  • Along with eco-friendly benefits, utilizing call center technology to work from home also helps keep workers safer. Not only are the levels of greenhouse emissions that are released into the environment reduced, but fewer traffic accidents occur as well.
  • The amount of overall waste that companies produce is also minimized when businesses elect to use virtual call centers.

 If you desire to take care of the environment as well as your loyal consumer base, a virtual call center might be just the resolution you’re looking for.

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