Exploring Your Cloud Options: SaaS

Looking to realize the benefits of a cloud-based contact center? You likely know all about these two subjects separately; however, when put together, an entire world full of big business benefits becomes ready for the taking.

Perhaps the best thing about the cloud is that there is an unprecedented level of autonomy regarding what route you’d like to take. One such path, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), is an important part of cloud contact center technology.

SaaS plays a significant role in helping companies utilize their times and resources in the most efficient manner. In short, SaaS is software that is accessed by customers over a secured Internet network, enabling the information to be effectively and securely gathered from virtually anywhere at any time. Through SaaS, companies can enjoy easier workforce collaboration, stronger global accessibility and enhanced compatibility.

Today’s top businesses and industries worldwide are adopting and utilizing the cloud with the end goal of working smarter. This includes confidential industries such as healthcare, governmental, technology and financial services. In fact:

·         53 percent of the technology industry is currently using cloud-based software such as SaaS.

·         40 percent of the financial services industry has incorporated this platform.

·         37 percent of the legal services industry has already begun to utilize this technology.

Regardless of what industry your company is entrenched in, the software options that a cloud-based contact center solution brings to the table enables companies to conduct business in a way that guarantees efficiency, affordability and, best of all, potentially great profitability.

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