Facebook Can Capture Leads, Secure Sales When Your Call Center Loses Power

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the importance of deploying an advanced hosted call center that boasts social and mobile support, as well as the difference between disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) for your business. This kind of solution can secure sales and leads if your business for any reason encounters downtime, whether it is affected by a natural disaster or a brief outage. Now, let’s take a look at how one company successfully implemented this kind of plan.

One company that understands the need for social integration is ComEd, an Illinois-based utility and energy delivery company, who last year launched an app for customers to report power outages. Today, customers can click the “Report an Outage” tab on the company’s Facebook page and report when and where power was lost.

“Enabling customers to report an outage using ComEd’s Facebook page is another important tool our customers can use to let us know the power is out in their area,” Val Jenson, ComEd senior vice president, customer operations, said. “The quicker we know about an outage, the quicker we can respond and restore power.”

This is just one example of how your company can uniquely service your customers. This becomes especially advantageous when considering the contact center. Think about it like this: Your contact center unexpectedly experiences a complete blackout. There’s no promise of power being restored for hours, which for many, would translate into no promise of revenue for hours; however, if your company takes to its Facebook page, it can continue to answer customer concerns about the outage as well as service regular customer inquiries.

Your contact center should never have to risk inactivity. A hosted call center can protect your operations from going down, but by empowering your operations with social media integration, you’ll see a much broader horizon of customer connection.

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