Fast Facts that Could Save You From Bad Customer Service

What would you consider the top threats to your contact center? It shouldn’t take long to identify bad customer service. This is where the majority of contact centers feel vulnerable, and it’s not hard to understand why. In fact, 89 percent of buyers have switched to a competitor after receiving bad customer service and 86 percent would pay more for a better customer experience.

Here are some other fast facts that should be driving your company toward stellar customer service:

  • Brands that used integrated desktop technologies saw a 74 percent increase in year-over-year revenue as opposed to non-users
  • 40 percent of businesses cite “complexity” as the greatest hurdle when improving their multi-channel customer experience
  • 13 percent of customers who feel dissatisfied with their service will tell 20 more people.

Don’t let some of these stats shake you up though. These figures are solely meant to inspire you and fuel your business toward the future of customer service. These numbers reveal a lot about how you can sharpen your customer service strategy. Consider that:

Almost half of all businesses are wary of multi-channel customer service because they think it will be more complex: This should be telling you to invest in a provider who boasts high reputability in digital and multi-channel customer service solutions to stay ahead of the curve and establish yourself as a leader in the space.

That 13 percent of customers may seem small, but if you do the math, their word-of-mouth will multiply fast: But this is no reason to be fearful. Rather, it should motivate you to secure successful and healthy relationships with each and every customer you interact with. Even 1 percent of customers who feel dissatisfied is 1 percent too much.  

If you’re not using integrated desktop technologies, you should be: It’s more than clear that unified communications, multimedia and CRM integration is significantly and positively impacting users’ bottom lines.

You never know – these fast facts and tips could be your customer satisfaction savior. To view a recent related infographic, click here.

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