FCR, Multi-Channel and More: Does Your Call Center Software Keep Your Customers Happy?

It’s a relatively simple question: does your call center software keep your customer satisfied and happy? Call center software, at its best, should take what we know about customers’ wants and needs and convert that knowledge into practical applications that can help the organization run as efficiently as possible.

Let’s take at some pertinent customer satisfaction statistics that are most applicable to the call center space.

First Call Response is King

In utilizing effective call center software, agents are able to improve first call response (FCR), which, of course, is good news, especially because a one percent improvement in first call response has been proven to equal $276,000 in annual savings.

When callers are able to get questions answered immediately, it makes sense that they’d be willing to spend more money. In fact, two-thirds of customers said that they’d be willing to spend more after an excellent customer service experience.

Multi-Channel Makes All the Difference

One of the great options in premium call center software is the ability to utilize e-mail, social media and other forms of communication – in addition to the phone – in order to expedite customer service. If there’s any doubt about the importance of social media to the customer support experience, consider that 62 percent of consumers have used social media to handle customer service-related issues. Furthermore, 67 percent of those surveyed noted that they would use social media if only they better understood the tools available to them.

The more options that a customer has, the easier it is for you to serve their needs to keep them happy. And so the question remains: does your call center software keep your customer happy and satisfied?

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