Fifty-eight Percent of Customers Communicate with Companies via E-mail

Every customer-centric call center manager knows that digital channels are becoming increasingly popular for customer service. The prevalent use of smartphones, for example, brings the opportunity for individuals to contact others without actually speaking on the phone. E-mail is one such example of this.

People who buy products marketed through e-mail are shown to spend 138 percent more than people that do not receive e-mails. Needless to say, it’d be important for you to consider how e-mail affects the call center applications, solutions and software you are currently leveraging for success. In 2012, 58 percent of adults used e-mail as a way to correspond with companies.

And this isn’t the only multi-channel option that customers have opted to use:

·         Sixty-seven percent of individuals use the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on a website.

·         Online chat has been used by 43 percent of customers.

·         28 percent of adults in the U.S. have contacted a virtual agent for customer service.

For any business trying to tap into the resources that are available for customers to use today, Vocalcom offers a multitude of award-winning, market leading technologies in order to accomplish just this.

Offering more than one way for customers to reach a company shouldn’t be undervalued, as it can help streamline the customer service process. Vocalcom has the necessary tools to handle all this and more, including predictive dialers, universal queuing and the ability to establish virtual call centers. Click here to learn more about the different call center applications Vocalcom is able to provide.

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