Finding the Right Telemarketing Software for the Small Business

To get the word out about your small business, you may have tried nearly everything – a Yellow Pages display listing, expensive newspaper ads, time-intensive social media and e-mail blasts – yet you may feel like the midnight to 6 A.M. disc jockey plaintively asking: Is anybody listening?The question isn’t if your audience is there; they are certainly there, but how best to reach them?Personal, one-on-one conversation is the way and telemarketing is the method, but the idea of such a campaign may seem overwhelming. You believe that you don’t have the experience to manage a telemarketing team, and that’s exactly where the right technology comes in. Finding the perfect telemarketing software can spell the difference between success and failure.The right telemarketing software will boast built-in supervision controls to help you stay on top of your campaign, providing complete local or remote monitoring and reporting, real-time business intelligence on calling activity. It will even give you all the tools you’ll need to comply with federal and local regulations including time zone management, do not call list protection and caller ID settings.When it comes to the front line of customer interaction, your agents are your emissaries and they need the right tools to make their calls effective. Targeted and up-to-date customer information, viable and accessible call scripts and a constantly replenished pool of prospects are all vital. Using an automated telemarketing system, agents are freed from wasting time with manual dialing. Calls are dynamically initiated and transferred to a sales agent only when answered by a live person.Furthermore, voice messages are left automatically on a prospect’s answering machine, incoming calls routed to the proper agent and all conversations may be recorded for help in assessing how a script should be tweaked for maximum effectiveness. Such tools allow for a higher volume of calls to be made in a shorter amount of time, optimizing your agent’s productivity and your business’ profits.Feature-rich telemarketing solutions are affordable even on a small business’ restrictive budget and have been shown in studies to have increased productivity and sales up to 300 percent. Such an ROI not only plumps up your business’ bottom line, but will keep you ahead of your competition.

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