Five Things Your Mobile Service Plan Should Bring to the Table

For every service organization, the ability to have call center software that addresses mobile needs is paramount. When you consider that 58 percent of all U.S. consumers own a smartphone and over 1.2 billion people currently access the Internet through a mobile device, the need to keep mobility top-of-mind in the call center space cannot be overemphasized. Let’s take a look at the five things that your mobile service plan should be providing.

1.     1. Easy to Navigate with a Touch of the Screen

The worst kind of website to come across on a mobile device is one that is indistinguishable from its PC version – except that it’s on your phone and terribly difficult to navigate. Make sure that your mobile website is just that: easy to access on a phone or tablet. Otherwise, the consumer may just move onto another company.

2.      2. Specific Mobile Responses

While the details of your plan may be fine to sprawl out over pages of text on a PC, the answer version of information should be short and concise to be easily read on a mobile device.

3.     3. Always Review and Update

While a great mobile interface is a good place to start, phones and tablets are constantly being updated, and your mobile site needs to do the same.

4     4. Escalate Experience with Ease

If your customer wants to transition to e-mail or a live chat session, your mobile site should allow that transition to happen as seamlessly as possible.

5.     5. Be Consistent

Nothing is worse than having one set of information on one channel and a completely different set on another. While brevity is king in mobility, make sure that none of the information contradicts what’s on the PC version of your site. Additionally, ensure that agents working via Web, social, e-mail and mobile are all on the same page.

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