Following Your Customers into the Digital World


The explosion of social media has unquestionably provided a wealth of potential benefits to businesses able to capitalize on the available platforms. One potential drawback for companies, however, is the damage a single consumer can do to your brand simply by logging in and posting to any number of social networking sites.

The destructive impact a negative review can have on your business is a very real concern—and one your company should actively be working to address. In the current marketplace, understanding the scope of social media is vital, and the first key to grasping its reach is recognizing the rate at which it is expanding. You may find the following statistics surprising, but they are crucial to keep in mind when contemplating your business’s marketing strategy.

  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more 18-34-year-olds than any cable network. Anybody with an opinion about your business can reach a huge swath of this important demographic simply by posting a video review or a video addressing commonly asked questions.
  • The fastest growing social media segment is 45-54-year-olds. A recent infographic shared by Arrae, with data aggregated by Socailnomics.com, found that 55 percent of Americans in that age group now have a profile on a social networking site. Social media isn’t just for kids anymore – how can you capitalize on this popular emerging age group?
  • According to an IDC study conducted for Facebook, one-quarter of smartphone users can’t remember the last time their device wasn’t next to them. With a smartphone always handy, it is safe to assume that if a customer has a negative experience at a retail outlet or restaurant, he/she can post a review before setting foot out the door.

There is no disputing the fact that a strong social media presence is critical to measuring the pulse of your consumer base. Anywhere your customers are traveling – be it physically or virtually – is a place you should be trying to engage them.

Vocalcom, a leading provider of virtual call center solutions and software, is a pioneer in providing world-class social contact center solutions. We offer live Web customer services, proactive social customer relationship management and mobile, connected in-store kiosks for real-time customer engagement. Though customers are certainly more apt to spread the word about negative experiences, if you don’t give them a chance to experience frustration, they’ll be praising your company from the mountaintops – or from Twitter, whichever is more convenient.

Some of the chief benefits of Voclacom’s Virtual Call Center social solutions include:

  • Live video chat
  • Call blending
  • A 100 percent cloud-based solution
  • Real-time customer communication 
  • Stand-alone or integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud

Don’t wake up one day to find that your business has been hurt by a negative social media comment you weren’t even aware existed. Stay on top of customer satisfaction and engagement and you’ll likely stay on top of your competition as well.

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