Forrester: Applications, Software Top Two Drivers of Huge Global IT Spending Growth

If you have ever wondered what’s driving today’s tremendous global IT spending growth, top industry analyst Forrester Research has the answer for you – applications and software. In fact, in its recent market research report, Forrester presumes that global IT spending will reach $2.06 trillion in 2013, fueled primarily by software and applications.

Forrester further found that software will account for the largest driver of global IT spending, with an anticipated $542 billion, while application spending will peak at approximately $234.6 billion.

This had led industry figures to speculate about companies’ decision-making processes regarding what technology is best to invest in. Some believe that companies may be more willing to spend but will be more focused on the business value of their hard earned money. Meanwhile, others in Forrester’s report say that the product lifecycle of technological investments could be significantly contributing to this shifting focus on applications and software. 

Believe it or not, call center technology has a lot to do with the growth of global IT spending. Due to the expansion of the call center and its capabilities, advanced call center applications and software are contributing to this notable industry growth. The right call center software and applications drive great customer service and shape the customer experience.

As businesses increasingly integrate advanced, cloud-based call center software to optimize operations, they are gaining more customers and laying the foundation for better business. When it comes to global IT spending, you can expect to see software and applications continue to take the lead in a multitude of important industries.

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