Forty Percent of Execs View the Cloud as ‘Transformational’ – Do You?

One big concern for call centers entering the cloud is the issue of security. Knowing that your information is stored directly in-house, right where you can see it, gives many call center managers a certain peace of mind, despite the financial headaches and lack of connectivity that comes with staying out of the cloud.

Utilizing a call center application such as a customer relationship management application (CRM), though, will help put any adopter’s mind at ease. Plus, the benefits of the cloud are becoming clearer every day. Here are some statistics about the future of cloud computing and how industry leaders are making the most of the cloud experience.

  • Cloud computing is viewed by 40 percent of executive-level management as being “transformational” to their business strategies.
  • The top reasons why companies invest in cloud computing include enabled business continuity, speed of deployment and enabled business continuity. Each of these items are ideal for any call center to run efficiently, providing the highest level of customer support through the cloud.

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